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Connect Groups are a great way to learn more about Christ and get connected to those in your area. We have groups available Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for all adult age groups.

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Bible Study for Living Logo.png

Sunday Mornings // 8:00 am

Monday Afternoons // 12:00 pm

Bible Study for Living

with Pat Nordstrom

-The Connect Group will seek to make daily, deep encounters with the Lord through His Word

-Open to all

-Childcare provided

-Located at the OBC classroom

YA Connect Group Logo.png

Sunday Afternoons // 12:25 pm

Young Adult

with Pastor Kyle

-Open to all Young Adults

-Childcare provided

-Located in the Fellowship Hall

Truth Seekers Logo (2).png

Monday Evenings // 6:00 pm

Truth Seekers

with Pastor Kyle

-Explore biblical truth in sensitive and controversial subjects in today's society

-Open to all

-Childcare provided

-Snacks provided

-Located in Fellowship Hall

Leisure World Logo.png

Tuesday Mornings // 10:00 am

The Lord's Leisure World Ladies

with Rev. Curt Sumpter

-This group will go through different books of the Bible in depth

-Open to all ladies

-Childcare NOT provided

-Located at Leisure World

Ladies Connect Group.png

Tuesday Evenings // 7:00 pm

Ladies Connect Group

with Suzanne Sella

-A group of ladies looking through in-depth studies of various topics together

-Open to all ladies

-Childcare NOT provided

-Located in the OBC Library

Senior Adult CG Logo.png

Thursday Afternoons // 12:00 pm

Senior Adult Connect Group

with Rev. Charles Bailey

-The senior adults will go through the Bible Studies for Life Curriculum to study the Bible book by book

-Open to all

-Childcare NOT provided

-Located in the OBC Library

CIA Small Group Logo.png

Thursday Evenings // 6:30 pm

C.I.A. : Couples In Action

with the Tubbs

-A connect group centered

around couples on the theme of marriage

-Open to couples

-Childcare provided

-Snacks provided

-Located in the Fellowship Hall

Family Matters Logo.png

Friday Evenings // 5:30 pm

Family Matters

with the Maxwells

-Focusing on all things involving families and how to manage a family in the way God intended, while navigating the world

-Children are welcome and will be a part of the discussion

-Dinner provided

-Located at the Maxwell's house

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